Need To Reboot?

The answer lies Inside

Is this you?

Busy but not always effective?

Juggling too many demands?

Stressed and tired?


Have you noticed how …

work relationships are being affected?

feeling overwhelmed and stressed slows you down?

you can be addicted to being busy?


What you might need is to …

focus on working smarter not harder

declutter your internal storage

make positive changes to perception and behaviour


How can Hypno-Mind Meditation help?

Improve energy focus, to be a more sustainable resource for yourself and others

Establish calm and relaxation, leading to increased self-awareness and self-management

Strengthen self-confidence, improve concentration and decision making


Rapid Relaxation Solution


refresh and reboot in a busy life

 Hypno-Mind Meditation 





Heide Ziegenbein

 MSc Clin.Hyp.; DIHM 

Having listened carefully to many people, talking about

their inner concerns and worries, I aim to offer solutions t

hat provide highly effective skills and tools that help

them to regain control over their lives.

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