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Ways how to experience
Hypno-Mind Meditation

Health & Wellbeing Events

Rapid Reboot (30 mins)

Full Reboot (50 mins)

One to One Hypnosis


Group workshops

10 Week Programme




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Rapid Reboot - 30 mins Mini-Break

Rapid Reboot
  • Hypno-Mind Meditation – the fastest way to relax, refresh and reboot

  • Ideal for lunch breaks or corporate events

  • Providing results for time-poor people

Full Reboot - 50 mins Mini-Break

  • Using Hypno-Mind Meditation with all its benefits

  • Giving the opportunity to profound positive changes with increased sustainability

  • Providing people with a self-management toolkit

Group Workshops

  • Ideal preparation for Hypno-Mind Meditation sessions

  • Building the appreciation of the relationship between the conscious and the unconscious mind

  • Developing stress awareness and emphasising the value of looking after Number One

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