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Building resilience

Creating and delivering tailored solutions for stressed workforces and individuals

including work with: 

Anxiety and panic


Low self-esteem

Low self-confidence

Bullying at work or school


Personal development


Heide Ziegenbein MSc Clin.Hyp; DIHM 

Founder of Mind Art Hypnosis

I am Heide Ziegenbein, a fully qualified and accredited clinical hypnotherapist with an MSc in clinical hypnosis and a background in medical and psychotherapeutic practice natural path as a Heilpraktiker in Germany. Also working as a meditation instructor, I offer tailored solutions for stressed work forces and individuals.


I have started to meditate about 20 years ago and I am aware of the positive positives effects as my life has changed in ways that really surprised me.


After starting to work with hypnosis, I found myself in a dilemma. I suddenly felt that I should instead work on actual issues that affected me at that time. I knew, this would have been possible with hypnosis as a direct and fast method.


I also heard people say, that they have no time to meditate as they have more important things to deal with. They felt meditation is an impatient-making inaction. That is why I created a highly effective new method Hypno-Mind Meditation that can benefit people in various ways.


Promoting mental health and corporate wellbeing onsite, I develop suitable strategies, working towards resilience, professional or personal development, performance enhancement as well as emotional intelligence and strength tailored to your needs. I am experienced in working with individuals and groups in class or workshop settings.


Based in Dorchester and London, I also travel to visit your company to be able to support your teams in group sessions onsite.


In my work I am focused on treatments for stress, anxiety and low self-confidence, problems that are frequently experienced in work life, exam situations or any kind of performance by musicians, actors and athletes. Also leading meetings at work or speaking in public can be experienced as stressful and difficult.


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