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Hypno-Mind Meditation

Hypno-Mind Meditation

Hypno-Mind Meditation


uses a potent blend of awareness meditation, visualisation and relaxation. It helps to slow down your world and take a step back from a stressful busy life. You will be guided into a focused state of mind, enabling you to access your untapped stores of self-confidence, self-esteem, and emotional resilience; and with them to regain control over your life.

Knowing that people are very busy with little time left to support their own health and wellbeing, 

Hypno-Mind Meditation is not only a rapid relaxation solution. The combination of both, hypnosis and meditation offers the opportunity to practice being mindful and present in the moment and to actively make changes in a light hypnotic trance through suggestions and visualisations in one session.

Through the observation of thoughts and feelings in meditation, you also become aware of beliefs, inner self-talks, hopes and fears that might have kept you from living your true potential. With Hypno- Mind Meditation we can now start working on those in the hypnotic trance. Habits, self-image, and life-style can be changed, emotional intelligence developed so that you can move on in to a desired direction.

Hypno-Mind Meditation teaches you to remain calm, centred, and focused on the tasks at hand, even in stressful and difficult times, while building self-confidence, self-esteem and resilience. This way, you get a key to your inner resources that help you to live a much more satisfying and fulfilling life.



Hypnosis is often described as a state of altered consciousness or a sleep like state. I personally prefer the definition of a state of focused attention in which the capacity to respond to suggestions is enhanced whereas the awareness of the surrounding is reduced.


In this state, usually accompanied by a deep relaxation, the judging and critical part of your mind is taking a back seat and you are able to access that part of your mind that determines your perceptions, beliefs, emotions and behaviour. It has stored everything that happened in your life and connects all events in your current situation to these memories.

If you want to make changes in the way you react or feel in particular situations, this access to your inner driver opens up opportunities that you usually don’t have in your “normal” thinking.


Hypnosis is about change, it is direct and goal orientated.


Through suggestions, imagery or visualisations your habits, cognitive processes or even physical responses can be altered very effectively and quickly. It helps to deal with challenges and problems by developing and improving skills as well as accessing your inner resources.

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The benefits of Hypnosis:


Management of fear, anxiety, or panic

Better sleep

Change of perception

Performance enhancement

Ease chronic pain

Quicker recovery

Changing habits




Awareness, often also known as mindfulness, appears to be an overall valued solution for a variety of problems. It is recommended by health and wellbeing organisations, supported by insurances, celebrated by magazines… Meditation is life changing - this is what people say.


There are many ways to meditate and different intentions or desired goals. In this context, I will only refer to mindfulness.


First of all, mindfulness is a state as well a response to events that is developed and sustained through meditation.


With the intention to anchor yourself in the present moment, in the here and now, you focus on what is perceived in the inner or outer world. This might be the breathing, sensations in the body, thoughts, emotions, sounds, or scents… You practice to simply experience everything without trying to achieve anything or change anything.

At this point, I would like to clear a myth. Meditation does not mean to stop thinking or turn off your brain. Thinking is what our mind does and that is a good thing. Anyway, it is not possible to not think at all, at least not for us 'normal' people. But by allowing the thoughts come, stay a while, and then go again, be become the observer.


We gain a distance to them and learn to not get involved in emotions that are usually associated with particular thoughts, memories or ideas. This helps us to think more clearly and gives us the freedom to improve our concentration and decision making.   

The benefits of Meditation:

Improved ability to cope with stress

Overall increased awareness and attentiveness


Increased intuition

Positive thinking

Emotional stability

Better sleep

Reduced pain sensation

Stronger immun system

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