Hypno-Mind Meditation


is a combination of both, meditation and hypnosis.

It offers the opportunity to practice being mindful and present in the moment and to make changes in a light hypnotic trance through specific suggestions and visualisations in one session.

You will be guided into a focused state of mind, enabling you to access your untapped stores of self-confidence, self-esteem, and emotional resilience. With them you get a key to yourself and regain control over your life.


  • Dust off your adventure shoes and give your new year’s resolution a boost!


    • Have you found yourself NOT really engaging in achieving your new year’s resolution?
    • Do you feel that something is holding you back to just go for it?
    • How many times have you told yourself not to worry because there is always a new year?


    • Are you ready for a change NOW?


    Then let your unconscious mind help you to stick to your plan and join us at the Hypno-Mind Meditation workshop. Here, we take the words, that Einstein once said, literally: “We cannot solve a problem on the level of consciousness that created it.”


    You will get access to your unconscious mind, that part of you that drives your thoughts, emotions and your behaviour. This way you can implement your goal on a deeper level and let go of barriers that keep you from achieving it.  


    All you need is:

    A clear goal that is important to you (and hopefully realistic)

    The courage to make the change and to love the effect on your life.

    The fun to share this adventure with others.


    All you’ll get:

    4 sessions of Hypno-Mind Meditation, each 45 minutes.

    A lunchbreak with a healthy meal  

    Tea and Coffee

    Healthy snacks

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