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Hypno-Mind Meditation         Dorchester         16.03.20 - 20.04.20

Hypno-Mind Meditation

6-week Advanced Course


Take a wellbeing vacation from your stress and anxiety with the highly effective new method Hypno-Mind Meditation, the fast way to relax, refresh and reboot in a busy life.


It will help you to learn how to distance yourself from your daily events and demands and to access your untapped stores of self-confidence, self-esteem, and emotional resilience.


Hypno-Mind Meditation is a guided and seated meditation. It offers the opportunity to practice being mindful and present in the moment and to make changes in a light hypnotic trance through suggestions and visualisations in one session.

Hypno-Mind Meditation Dorchester 16.03.20 - 20.04.20

  • Then it’s time for something different!

    Put YOU back on your agenda and give yourself time to slow down your world.


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